BEST Android and iPhone Charger Cables of 2017

So whilst on the face it might seem like a bit of a dull topic the micro USB charging cable you decide to use for your smartphone can significantly impact the experience. You have you’re welcome to my 5 best android and iPhone¬†charger cables.¬†



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So we’re going to kick things off with the second cable now this is entirely made out of zinc steel and copper which not only gives it high transmission speed. It supports over two amps but it’s also almost indestructible you can bend this thing in just about anywhere.

You want try and cut it drop it it doesn’t really matter at all this thing will survive on top of that the fact that it’s wrapped in an outer layer of steel coil gives it not only a little bit of extra stretch but also means it’s almost impossible to tangle. You can fit it around, you can scrunch this thing into a giant ball chuck it in a bag and when you take it out you know it’ll be good to go again it’s got a nice weight to it and all in all feels very high quality other than cost too much all things considered.



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So the FOXNOVO LED charging cable, I thing is a bit of a steal so we’ve got basically two heads on top connected by this little elasticated band and one of them is lightning and one of them is my career space you can try them together in one go and not have to worry about it.

I’d love quite a small inclusion the fact that it’s got a little band means you don’t lose it something which is pretty cool is along the entire length of the cable. It’s got a ridge of built-in LEDs which move in the motion to simulate the current going from the charger to the smartphone and this motion slows down. When the phone is on full charge to give you a bit of a visual indication of it but more importantly anything is just really cool to look at this. You can get yourself in inverted commas.



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The magic cable and this is a pretty high quality piece of kit it’s got an unusual feeling quite a course cable which is very high quality and durable but the real selling point here is that you’ve got a lightning and a USB built into the same heard. So it’s got my career’s be on one side and all you do is flip it over and you can insert it into an iPhone. If you do carry both of those phones or just want to be a hero to your friends you can carry around one of these cables and it will do both jobs.


best androidbest android


So a number four by the company daughter call we’ve got the magnetic charger again a pretty interesting product. The cable is made out of braided fabric which means it’s not exactly as resistance of metal cable but it still feels pretty good you plug one and permanently into the micro USB slot of your smartphone and then the other part of the cable will magnetically connect to it think.

The mag safe on the mac-book and the benefits of this shouldn’t be underestimated it’s fully reversible you’ve got an LED indicator and it also means if you accidentally knock the cable your phone is less likely to fly across the room and you’ve less likely to file an insurance claim. It also supports 2.4 are charging to the highest of any current standard.


best android

So the power cable is he priciest on the list and why is that. It doesn’t have LEDs, it doesn’t have a metal built but in my opinion is a pretty good balance between durability and style. It’s got a quadruple layered cable with braided outside braided inside and even a copper mesh. We’ve got aluminium for the heads on either side and all in all it looks and feels very impressive.

So guys those are my top 5 micro USB cable to charge your smartphone. If you did like the info i would really appreciate it.


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