How to lock apps on iOS Free

How to lock apps on iOS Free

You always feels un safe state when any one hand over your cell phone. You can easily use any app lock for the Android and windows user,But when we talk about the features of iOS,it does not allow us to keep a lock on your photos,whatsApp etc.While talking about the android users their are many lot applications available in the play store for hiding, add a lock on your different personal apps.

But in case of Apple, there is only one option to lock your phone that is that they provide the users with the in-built Pass code or the touch id.

There were many rumors that Apple has launched its gallery lock app.It is true that Apple has launched there gallery lock apps. You can easily hide and secure you personal images and all your personal stuff.
The gallery lock apps are followed as under:-

How to lock apps on iOS Free

Folder Locker
Folder Lock is a very good app , it is very easy and simple to use. This is an app through which you can secure, protect your photos, documents, music,voice memos, etc. This means that you can now easily apply privacy that is needed on application.

In Folder Locker app you are required to re-enter the app in order to access those locked files. But you are required to delete the photo album even though you have inserted it in Folder locker app, please note that Folder Locker is just a storage app while outside its folders it doesn’t have the necessary access that is required to get rid of those copies.
Click here: Download Folder locker for iOS

This was How to lock apps on iOS Free.

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